I carry within me the creative power of the overflowing nature, the rituals and customs of the pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia (where my roots are), as an inexhaustible collection of rich and fascinating themes. The wonder of unspoilt nature and ancestral cultures beats with a constant pulse in the depths of my own nature. I listen intently to the connection and remain faithful to it, which is how I find inspiration beyond any external motivation or trend; it is also from there, like wildflowers, that my three current collections have sprung: Alas, Guajira and Selva.

To first take up each theme in its raw state, then find the materials to search for a form, and then bend and deform them to express the idea is a challenge that confronts my abilities as an artist. At the same time, despite how difficult and sometimes painful this process can be, it is also a source of indescribable joy when the idea, from its raw state of non-form, begins to take shape in my hands. 

In my designs I have chosen gold as the main material, which is only logical, gold has a magical and noble context, it also comes from the bowels of the earth and it is also one of, if not the most, used by the different pre-Hispanic cultures. With stones and pearls of different colours, I can reproduce the shades that I find in nature, the emerald being one of my favourites because it reflects with absolute brilliance the deep green of pure nature.



A new phase in my life began. I had to take off on my own. To launch myself into the unknown territory of professionalism felt like launching myself into the void. I needed wings! This is where the idea for the theme of my first collection was born. In each of us there is the strength and power of transformation to fly, guided by our instinct, and what better image to represent this than the butterfly with its metamorphosis as a symbol of transition and movement towards a new reality?



Among the various indigenous cultures of Colombia, there is one in particular that arouses a strong fascination in me. This is the Wayúu culture. The indigenous community of the same name is located on the Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia, an area dominated by the desert and the sea. Their culture is based on three pillars: the woman, the spiritual connection (through dreams) and the word.

In the Guajira collection I want to apply these elements of the Wayúu culture, and translate them, together with its sunny and dry landscape, and the colourful costumes of its people, into new forms full of symbolism and mysticism.Click and drag to move



The jungle in its virgin and wild expression, with its web of vegetation, water, animals and insects is undoubtedly the most fertile theatre of nature. During my few excursions through the Colombian rainforests, I have been enchanted by the variety of shapes and colours, carried away and moved by the imposing power of nature. The jungle is a rich symphony of infinite and amazing variations of colours and shapes, but also of sensations. In this collection, I try to create pieces that are inspired by such a rich experience, pieces with which I stay true to the connection between the nature of the jungle (Selva), and our inner nature.


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